Super Bowl LVII

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Shapes & Forms joined forces with the NFL to create a stunning 3D editorial teaser, celebrating the rich lineage of Super Bowl legacies in Arizona.


This is Arizona - Watch

This is Arizona - Watch

This is Arizona - Watch

Shapes & Forms were tasked to forge a majestic tapestry reminiscent of the grandeur of Game of Thrones, incorporating metallic crests and towering structures rising from the earth! This vision demanded a departure from ancient Greek statuary, and a dive into the rugged glory of the Arizona landscape. The breathtaking, iconic natural wonders of Sedona and the Grand Canyon take center stage, bathed in the arresting hues of Arizona's legendary sunsets - vibrant pinks, regal purples, and fiery oranges. Through this kaleidoscope of color and splendor, we capture the indomitable spirit of the Super Bowl, set amid the backdrop of Arizona's untamed beauty.
Designing for the largest stage in sports is an electrifying dream realized. Like the legendary Quarterbacks who have etched their names in history through Super Bowl triumphs, we too sought to carve our indelible legacy through our bold-inspiring creative.


Shapes And Forms

Client NFL | Executive Producer Thomas Knight | ECD Fabian Garzon | Producer Alejandra Ramírez | Creative Director Omar Galvis | Art Director Sebas Zuluaga | Design Sebas Zuluaga - Rob Juarez | Animation Juan David Vasquez - Kyle Kerr - Felipe Ramírez - Sebas Zuluaga | Compositing Piero Desopo - Sebas Zuluaga - Juan David Vasquez - Omar Galvis | Color Artist Nataly Pinilla

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